Screen Keeper Locks Your Screen as Soon as You Walk Away

Maintaining your data security in the office is extremely important. You need to avoid having unwanted eyes seeing what’s on your screen when you step away from the computer (or your boss will know you’ve been dicking around on Facebook for the last 2 hours). The Screen Keeper (Computer Monitor Privacy Protector) ensures that once you step away from your desk, that monitor is turned off and your sensitive data is safe from prying eyes. It has two pieces- a USB receiver that stays with the computer and a tiny remote transmitter that you clip to your pocket or cell phone to take with you. Infographic alert!

You can adjust the distance from which the remote auto-locks the computer to suit your office needs. When you come back within the set range, the screen turns back on for you. No need to re-enter passwords, just be physically within range of the computer and you’re all set. The transmitter has a sleep mode if you’re away from your desk for a long time so the battery won’t run down (it should last about a year). You can override it with a password if you lose the transmitter somehow.

I could see this being handy in a business situation where you have to step away from the computer to help customers, leaving the screen exposed to other customers waiting as well as other situations where you have sensitive information onscreen with a lot of people walking by.