Old Giant Cell Phone Modded into a Working PC

old cellphone mod pc1
Great mod! A crafty fella took a ridiculously old giant Miami Vice Zach Morris style phone and crammed a tiny working PC into there to use as a media center. It only makes sense that at some point the decreasing size of today’s computers caught up with the size of the giant cases size of those original cell phones.

Inside this Mobira Talkman cell phone (nope, never heard of it either) is a full computer complete with USB hub, WiFi and sound cards and a 128×128 OLED screen where the handset screen originally was. It’s one of those vintage mobile phones that require two separate parts to function, the giant handset and the handbag sized case. Cool mod that only took 40 hours to complete.
old cellphone mod pc2

via crunchgear

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