USB Powered Heated Eye Warmer Sleepmask Thing WTF?!

Are you eyes cold? Ever felt the need to warm them up while sitting in front of the computer? Yeah me neither but why not try the USB Powered Heated Eye Warmer? This sleepmask style eyepad warms you with the 5 volt power of USB.

Wear this Computer USB Eye Warmer on, your tired eyes will feel comfortable and eliminate eye muscle stress. Now use your PC comfortably in the cold weather or in overly air-conditioned offices.

Wait what? You can use your PC in cold weather while wearing this? Sure you can as long as you don’t need to, you know, SEE IT?! Sort of a fundamental flaw there. Also the day I sit at my desk in the office wearing something over my eyes that says “sweet dreams” is the day I’ll be shown the door. Costs $12.99 (and perhaps a small shred of your dignity).

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