Screen Time Manager is a Kid’s Worst Nightmare

Your kids are going to hate this one- it’s the Screen Time Manager, a device that regulates exactly how much TV, video gaming, or computer use they are allowed. This $90 gadget lets you set up a daily or weekly limit for each child. You attach the electronic device you wish to regulate right into the Screen Time Manager and it shuts off your electronics when the child is not allowed to use it. You can also set “no-use” time blocks. Each child gets their own unique PIN to access it (although you can be darn sure the older child’s going to steal the younger one’s PIN to use up some of his time!). Supposedly it’s tamper proof. I don’t know about this one.. kids today are craftier than adults… I’m sure once they hit a certain age, they’ll figure out a way around this thing.

Screen Time Manager via Red Ferret

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