iPhone Photo Printer

For many people (like myself) their iPhone has all but replaced the point and shoot camera for day to day picture taking. But getting prints at home from your iPhone can be a pain the butt multi-step process involving moving the pictures to your computer first and then sending them to the printer. There’s an easier way.

This iPhone Photo Printer lets you print crystal clear 300dpi pictures without any computers or software. Your iPhone or iPod Touch docks right into the top. A free downloadable app controls the printer. The printer can print 1, 4 or 10 images on a single 4×6″ borderless sheet. This tissue box sized printer charges your iPhone while it’s docked and it also works with other smart phones via a mini-USB jack. Just $159 from Hammacher.

Use code “FSAPRIL” for free shipping throughout April 2011 on this or anything else over $100. If you order in March use code “HSMRCHFS”.

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