Frame Your iPhone Like the Work of Art It Is

The iPhone is clearly a magnificent piece of art worthy of being placed in modern art museum so why shouldn’t you treat it as such in your home with the iPhone Appstand, a picture frame for your iPhone. The Appstand charges your iPhone while still allowing you access to all the buttons and ports. Even the camera lens is open, so if you want to grab the Appstand with your phone in it and look ridiculous while taking a photo, nobody is stopping you. The Appstand comes with six color inserts (mattes) to complete the look.

This frame actually makes perfect sense if you’re going to sit your iPhone on your nightstand and use the clock or alarm clock features, or on your desk or table as a digital photo album or to scroll through album covers while playing music. It integrates your iPhone into your in an elegant way while it charges up, rather than having it sit on your table like just another gadget charging. The iPhone is special, it deserves this throne of luxury. The Appstand has a black satin finish and can be rotated to sit in any direction, portrait or landscape. A clip stores your cords. The Appstand costs $24.99.