SmartShopper Automated Grocery List Printer Saves Your Guacamole

Smartshopper Automated Grocery List
Does your cupboard have 4 jars of tomato sauce but no pasta because every time you go to the supermarket you can’t remember if you need the pasta or sauce? Tired of having to switch up your menu from guacamole to salsa because you forgot the avocados again? Having another “senior moment” at the market? Too baked to remember which munchies you wanted?

The SmartShopper Automated Grocery List Printer is an easy to use voice activated memo system that will print out your grocery list. It sticks via magnet to your fridge. You just press the record button and speak the item or items names into the SmartShopper. The voice recognition software adds those items to your list automatically. When you’re ready to go the grocery store, just hit print and your grocery list comes out neatly sorted by department. Simple as that.

The SmartShopper has 2500 items in it’s memory and you can add your own too. It can also record a list of errands you need to run. It’s a thermal printer so it doesn’t even use any ink. Remember, your loved ones deserve guacamole this time and every time.

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