Weaponized Smartphone: The Ultimate iPhone Case

Hands to the sky, dirtbag! Don’t make me use this thing! Freeze or I’ll load up an app that makes my iPhone make shooting noises! iPhone: now in weapon format. Shooting bad guys- there’s an app for that.

via thingaverse (where you can download 3d plans to actually build one of these, if you have a 3d printer)

4 thoughts on “Weaponized Smartphone: The Ultimate iPhone Case

  1. Anybody running a pool on how many people wiill die as a result of this incredibly stupid idea?

    I am absolutely in favor of people carrying weapons if they want to.

    But there are responsibilities, and weapons are never toys.

    Please, God, don’t let a kig get ahold of one of these.

  2. I’m with Larry….only a certified idiot would take this out in public in today’s social environment.

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