Sharpie Printer

Wow- check out this awesome homemade printer that uses Sharpie markers for ink. It works almost like a plotting graphical printer doohickey (anyone know what those are called? clearly not me). It’s definitely not the quickest printer ever but it certainly draws a highly precise and distinctive drawing with the colored Sharpies. Check out the video:

(via hacked gadgets)

2 thoughts on “Sharpie Printer

  1. A “plotting graphical printer doohickey” is called a plotter. Big surprise, right?

  2. I remember back in the day, you could go into a pharmacy or greeting card store and there would be a machine where you could make personalized greeting cards and the vending machine would use markers to print out the card right in front of you, just like that machine video. It was pretty cool. Too bad they didn’t stick around.

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