UniBrush: Toothbrush with a Toothpaste Reservoir

The UniBrush from Korea’s Apol, Inc. might be the future of toothbrushes. It’s a toothbrush that holds your toothpaste inside the handle. The brush heads are replaceable and the toothpaste is pushed out of the handle via a small pump at the end. The cylinder can hold about a 2 week supply of toothpaste which makes it ideal for travelers.

An oral health advantage to this toothbrush is that you can squeeze out a little bit of toothpaste at a time while you’re brushing, ensuring an even distribution throughout your mouth. You also will no longer have to share toothpaste tubes which can provide some germ protection. No pricing or availability yet- it looks like they are seeking distributors of the product.

3 thoughts on “UniBrush: Toothbrush with a Toothpaste Reservoir

  1. I remember inventing this for the middleschool’s mandatory “entrepreneurship fair” back in the 6th grade. Good to know that it only took the rest of the world 14 years to become as lazy I am. Also available in travel size from thinkgeek.com

  2. I just had this idea the other day and I just knew someone already had it, everytime I have an idea it’s been in use for 10 yrs! 🙁 this sucks, tell me how to become a distributor though, I’m interested!

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