Longcat Wrist Rest

It’s longcat- the famed *uhm* long cat from the Internetz. Perhaps you’ve seen the longcat meme involving long cats? Perhaps you’d like to rest your wrist on a longcat? Maybe you’d like to make your own longcat since your real longcat won’t hold still long enough to use as an effective wrist rest? You’re in luck longcat fans. Because if you couldn’t tell by the fact that we’ve worked longcat into every sentence so far, this is an Instructable on how to make your own longcat wrist rest. Longcat is the geekiest wrist rest ever, ideal for lolcat fans too.

The longcat is made from some pretty basic sewing (and by “pretty basic” I mean I sure as hell couldn’t do it). All you need is some yarn, fabric, scissors and some rice to fill it in (damn didn’t say longcat in that sentence…..oh snap! saved by the unnecessary parenthetical phrase). Looks homemade, geeky and cool. Longcat.

One thought on “Longcat Wrist Rest

  1. I don’t really love cats… Cause it’s exactly what they do… Obstructing your workplace. But i love this one!!! ‘Cause it’s flat! Great product 🙂

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