Three New Bizarre USB Gadgets from Thanko

usb toothbrush sanitizer
Japanese gadget maker Thanko is known for their, how can I put this gently, *unique* USB gadgets. Today they’ve come out with a trio of new ones that once again do not fail to disappoint in their bizarreness. First up, shown above is the USB toothbrush sanitizer. At first it makes no sense since who would use a computer in the bathroom but if you brush your teeth in your office after lunch, it’s actually a decent idea (although presumably you are sitting in a cubicle with electrical outlets, so the USB part is unneeded).
usb shoe dryer
The second item in our trip down weird lane is the USB powered shoe dryer. Yep, it’s in the shape of a little sleeping dog. Dry shoes are great but I’m pretty sure the rest of your office doesn’t want to smell your wet feet once you take your shoes off.
usb eyelash curler
Lastly is the USB eyelash curler. I’m not sure why you’d need this to be USB powered, or even powered at all but if you want to get those eyelashes all flirty and curled while sitting in front of your computer, you’re all set with this weird gadget.

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