Review: Epson WorkForce 600 Wireless Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax

I’ve been putting the Epson WorkForce 600 through it’s paces the last few weeks, doing everything from printing, to copying, to scanning and in short: this is an extremely featured packed machine for your money (sub $200). Recommended.

Out of the box, the first thing you notice about it is how sleek and relatively compact it is. Installing the ink was a breeze; initial date and time setup was easy and intuitive. There are 3 colored ink cartridges and one black, which always makes for more economical replacement costs. Paper goes in easily, the tray holds 30 sheets, all the hinged and sliding parts open and close smoothly.

The great thing about this printer is that it has built in WiFi for wireless connection to your computer. Setting this up (on a Mac) took about 15 minutes, about 14.5 of which was installing software from the included CD. Once installed it was instantly recognizable on the network. For some reason it required being hooked up directly to the router first for setup before it could be unplugged and wireless- but easy enough to do. You can also connect the printer via ethernet or USB.

Print quality on the WorkForce 600 is solid all around. I printed on a variety of paper types from plain white to premium glossy photo paper. Both images and text were sharp and vibrant on all types. Photos printed on photo paper came out exceptionally crisp. Printing speeds for everything except photos at the highest quality settings was near instantaneous (up to 38ppm per Epson and I believe it!). Epson claims that prints from the WorkForce 600 are smudge, fade, and water resistant. I found that to be somewhat false- a wet thumb does cause the ink to smudge (on matte paper but not photo paper)- however- I would not consider this a make or break feature of the printer.

The interface on the Epson is very simple to use- there’s a 2.5″ color LCD screen with easy to recognize menus. There’s also a host of dedicated buttons for commonly used functions. As you can see in the image above, another nice feature is that the display panel flips out slightly which makes it easier to see everything. The machine has slots if you wish to print directly from your camera’s memory card and you can preview, crop and adjust the image right on the printer’s screen; you can even print a proof sheet or easily print all images. Lots of options.

Scanning and copying: the lid of the WorkForce flips open to reveal the flatbed scanner bed. Full color scanning was a bit slow at the highest settings but the image quality was accurate. You can scan to a memory card, pc, or as a pdf. Copying was fairly quick once the machine got warmed up- the initial copy takes about a minute, but after that it’s literally seconds for each one.

Faxing- the machine can be used as a fax, however since I am cellphone only I could not test this feature. The WorkForce 600 is said to use one third the power consumption as a laser printer. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty with registration.

In summary- the Epson Workforce 600 is recommended for home and small business use. The machine is extremely feature packed and it seems like every feature it comes with has it’s own set of options and sub-options. The printer has great print quality at lightning speed and it looks great. My complaints with the machine are minor and are greatly overwhelmed by the positives. The best feature it has is built in WiFi connectivity. We are in an age of laptops and netbooks and this is crucial. For the sub $200 price of the Workforce 600, you really can’t go wrong.

Product page at Amazon: Epson WorkForce 600 Wireless All-in-One Printer

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  1. I am going on my 2nd Workforce 600 printer in 2 months. Both have printed black, green or white lines through my copies of photo’s which, those lines are NOT on the original photo’s. I’ve gone through tons of ink only to find those lines throughout all of my pictures, thus ruining the pictures. Epson said its a hardware problem, but on 2 printers? Unless someone can tell me what I need or can do to stop those lines from printing in my photo’s then I will only be able to think that Epson Workforce 600 printers are total junk and I will return it for another brand of printer! Email me direct at if anyone can suggest how to correct this major problem!

  2. After about 6 months of no problems, mine has just started to print random lines on each page. photos are worse. Tech support isn’t helpful and says there’s maybe a hardware issue.


    IN Care Of: Paul Lee
    Marketing Manager

    Hello, Speaking on behalf of Mr. Lee because of his busy
    schedule, please henceforth: at the office we still haven’t connected the Epson WorkForce 600 via wireless connection, though I’ve experience with this technicality I will connect before you reply to this email.
    However, please be awared that the procedure is not a clearly recognized procedure. Thank You for the workforce 600.

  4. Consumer inkjet sales were taken for-granted by Lexmark and even Epson in the past three years.. they tend to focused on workforce inkjet printers which i don’t see as something good since why would this businesses choose to use inkjet in printing text heavy things.. paying more for this stuffs and just risking the ink to dry up.. plus the quality of inkjet inks just so inferior with laser printers.. anyway i do not like inkjets since print heads always dries up and the printer would not print eventually.. and its ink is just so expensive!!

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