VERY Impressive Pump Organ Steampunk Computer Desk Workstation

I’ve seen a lot of steampunk things in my day. In fact I’ve probably seen more steampunk items than punks who live in a steampipe on a steamboat. Ok that last part may not have made any sense but in the quest for the coolest gadgets to bring you folks I’ve seen a lot of crappy steampunk things that required a heavy finger on the delete key from my end. I mean slap on a few gauges and dials, some brass, pipes, gold spraypaint and call it a day- I don’t think so. But not this. This desk is a quality build. The steampunkiest of steampunks.

All of the major components of this desk are actual antiques from the Victorian era with some period reproductions and salvaged items thrown in for good measure. The centerpiece is obviously the gigantic pipe organ upon which the workstation is built. Those horn speakers on both sides of the workstation- yep those are real working speakers (with modern day electronic drivers).The whole desk took four different craftpersons 6 months to build. It is fully integrated with the computer- there’s a trio of monitors, printer, scanner and the best part- check out his webcam!

The desk was created by Bruce from modvic (commission your own!) and you can actually go see it next month as they’re having a house tour. It’s in Sharon, MA. Heck, if you pony up the $898,000 asking price, you could just buy his whole steampunked home since it’s on the market.

via steampunk workshop

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