DIY LED Light Etch-a-Sketch

Epic project is epic. Imagine a fully functioning Etch-a-Sketch that uses LED lights as the drawing pixels. That’s what Christopher Monaco did and then he built it. The two dials work just like a regular Etch-a-Sketch and shaking it “erases” the drawing too. As you turn the knobs, it draws a single line drawing using the matrix of LED lights. Sure it’s not as detailed as a real Etch but come on now. Check out the video:

While this is a DIY project, this is clearly for the more advanced as it involves both programming and circuit board/electronics work (using AVR and programming in C). There’s 256 LEDs in the 16×16 matrix that each need to be addressed. If you’re not phased by a photo that looks like this and a line “just connect the wires”

then check out the Instructable linked above, as the full build detailed instructions are included. Well done sir, great project.

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