Chucky Computer Casemod is Not Child’s Play

Chucky is your friend till the end. Brazilian mattress store worker and apparently huge Child’s Play fan Omar Madzoub built this impressive Good Guys box casemod to house his computer. It cost him $2000 and took 6 months to build. (Insert your own clever line about him working in a mattress store and not sleeping at night because of Chucky here). Here’s the man behind the machine:

The computer in there, which is honestly the least interesting part of this thing is a water-cooled Core i7 920 CPU with 6GB of RAM, 5 terabytes of storage, and a pair of SLI GTX 460 video cards. Note all the different Chucky version dolls in the top left of the case. Looks good…for him. I wouldn’t go within 10 feet of that creepy thing.

uol technology (br) via technabob

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