USB Smart Locker Physically Locks Down Your USB Ports

usb smart locker
The USB ports on your computer could be severe security risk since anyone with a flash drive can insert whatever nefarious program or USB device they want on your computer or copy your personal information to a USB drive. Well probably not in your own home, but if you have a publicly available computer at your place of business, this could be a problem. There are software solutions to prevent unauthorized programs from being installed on your computer but this is not foolproof.

Taiwan’s Bestfon company sells the USB Smart Locker which physically locks your USB ports. The device is a two piece gadget- a lock and a smart key. The lock is a tiny USB dongle that fits entirely inside the USB port and prevents anything else from being inserted into the drive:
usb locker2
You can get multiple locks for a single key (as shown above) and they all store within the key itself. The USB Smart Locker requires the key to insert the lock into the drive. It locks and unlocks in a brief second. Additional keys are available in case you lose one. No pricing is listed on the website.

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