Eames Era Decor Meets the Computer Age

mission style pc case mod
Fans of mid century modern furniture (“Eames era” if you’ve ever searched for this type of thing on Craigslist) will like this very nice looking mission style PC case mod. This case mod, which looks a bit like an end table to me, is made of black walnut with a PC inside- an ATX mid-tower within that’s equipped with an Intel Core i7 CPU, NVIDIA graphics and dual stage temperature-controlled exhaust fans. If I had one of these, I’d just sit back in my Eames Chair, put my feet up on my Noguchi table in my Frank Lloyd Wright house and work all day on this computer.

slipperyskip via engadget

2 thoughts on “Eames Era Decor Meets the Computer Age

  1. I have seen such styles as shown described as “Mission”, “Arts & Craft”, or “Prairie”. Maybe even a nod to Frank Lloyd Wright. This was an early 20th century style, not mid 20th like Eames. Totally different

    Mission is how my living room is decorated – but I would never have a Windoze FeeCee, regardless of how stylish it looked.

    (When you say Eames, you are usually talking about the molded plywood designs of Charles and Ray Eames. The were popular in the post WW II era. Possibly the most iconic Eames design: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eames_Lounge_Chair Which looks totally different from Mission. Both sought a simplicity, but Mission was un-technological, whereas the Eames embraced new technology {plywood}.)

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