AT-AT Walker Made from Recycled Computer Parts

Sage Werbock is a blacksmith, weldor and sculptor. He is also known as the Great Nippulini when he does his sideshow act where he claims to have the world’s strongest nipples. I’m not sure who his competition is but he has towed a 2000 pound hot rod and lifted 45 pounds with his nipples which sounds impressive to me. Yes Sage Werbock is the most interesting man on Earth. In his spare time (he also does body piercing) he creates awesome robotic sculptures out of recycled computer parts like this Imperial AT-AT Walker.

This sculpture stands about a foot tall and weighs 15 pounds (which mean yes he could lift it with his nipples). The main part of the body was crafted from computer power supply boxes, the head is made of floppy drive housings, and the legs and feet from various pieces of scrap. He used s welding arc to simulate the battle damage. The coolest part is that you can actually buy this sculpture for $450 from his Etsy shop. If you want something a bit more substantial, he’s also selling a $3000 life sized Bender statue as well as a Terminator statue.

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