Miniature Oven Stovetop PC Casemod is Hot

This minicooker PC casemod is one of the hottest mods we’ve ever seen. It’s definitely the best looking kitchen appliance case mod by a Czech we’ve seen in the last 10 hours, that’s for certain. The realism is pretty stunning, right down to the blue LED gas burners on top for that sizzling effect. The only thing that could make it more realistic would be that distinct burning smell from leaving food in the oven way too long while you’re caught up in the middle of an intense Wii Tennis match.

The bottom drawer even opens up to function as a DVD drive. Inside that oven is a Pentium D820 3.5 GHz CPU, with 2GB of DDR2 RAM, and an nVidia 9600GT graphics card. Here’s a six minute plus video showing how this thing was made, complete with epic classical soundtrack, if you’re interested (spoiler alert- lots of welding!). Awesomeness.

via technabob

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