USB Desktop Aquarium

Personally I’m not a big fan of putting open bodies of water next to my computer (but then again I am on a laptop…in the bathroom… so who am I kidding really?) but this USB Desktop Aquarium is also a handy clock and pen holder. It’s a real aquarium so you can put your goldfish, sea monkeys, electric eels, or a half dozen fighting betta fish in there to entertain or relax you at work or home. A low voltage pump circulates the water and an under-gravel filtration system keeps it clean. The desk light can be aimed at your aquatic friends or your desk. The clock has an alarm with nature sounds and the pen holder part can be used for all your desk accessories or fish food. Not bad for $39.98, I know I’m so amped up about gadgets right now I could use something relaxing to look at.

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