R2D2 Aquarium with Built In Periscope

I’ve said it before, but if there’s any sort of cylindrical shaped household object in existence, you can be sure someone, somewhere has made an R2D2 version of it. And the fine folks at Hammacher Schlemmer (I should get a bonus point for having typed that correctly without having to look up the spelling: Jeff +1) have come through with the R2D2 Aquarium, probably the coolest fishtank in all of the world.

The 1 3/4 gallon tank costs $129 and has a built in periscope which you can use by looking into R2’s radar eye. His domed head rotates when you give vocal commands and he speaks his most famous line from the Star Wars movies (bleep, bleep ba bleep boleep bleep). The fishtank include a filter, LED color changing lights and a double sided background insert with scenes from Star Wars.

R2D2 Aquarium

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