Lap Desk with Notebook Computer Cooling Fan

Sometimes laptop computers can get extremely hot on the bottom (I’m look at you Apple MacBook), enough to scald your legs or make it uncomfortable to use the computer. Many computer accessory companies now make cooling fans to keep laptops cool, which not only saves your leg but can prolong the life of the computer by keeping internal parts cooler. A lap desk can come in handy for using your notebook computer on the bed or couch or even floor by raising it up to an ergonomic level.

Here’s a unique lap desk from Japanese company Sanwa that combines dual cooling fans with a traditional lap desk. The dual fan system and lifting tray, enables your laptop to stay cool and be angled more comfortably for typing. The right hand side has a flat area that can be used as a mousepad or for note taking on paper and in the back right there’s a cupholder for your coffee or beer. The legs fold up for flat use and the fan plugs into your computer via USB. Cool (literally).

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  1. This is practical for someone who is bedridden or spends a lot of time on their laptop while on the couch. A laptop cooler can make a big difference in performance for some high end machines.

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