Laptop Bag Dog Carrier holds a Laptop and a Lapdog

dog laptop bag1
How much is that doggy in the window(s vista laptop computer)? Take your dog to work! Take your work to the dog park! With the
Pet at Work Travel System (P@W) from PetEgo, you never have to choose between your PC and your puppy or your Mac and your maltese. This pricey ($178 wow!) backpack has compartments for both your laptop and your lapdog.
dog laptop bag2
Personally I would love to take my dog with me sometimes, but he weighs 50 lbs and has a tendency to pee when he gets nervous, so putting him in a backpack with electronics is simply not going to work for me. But if you have a small dog that doesn’t urinate all over the place, the ability to take both your PC and your pomeranian with you in a single bag is definitely convenient. The bag even comes with a small mesh “pet dome” crate that folds up into the bag. Available in either black or tan.

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