ZeroEdge Aquariums Are Like Infinity Pools for your Fish

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I had a fishtank growing up but it was nothing compared to these insane aquariums from ZeroEdge. It was a sad day when we came back from vacation and Ernie was floating at the top of tank with the half eaten remains of Bert scattered about the tank. Flush flush teardrop tissue mom I want a dog. This aquarium is for the more serious a-fish-ionado, one who doesn’t get their fish at street fair.

As the name would imply these have an infinity pool style for your fish with the water filled right up to the top of the tank and overflowing into a slightly wider base. They’re calling this a “hi def” aquarium. Not sure about that but it’s certainly a stunning display. They start at $600 and custom sizes are available. You just have to make sure you choose the right type of fish, as you don’t want any jumpers trying to make their way to sweet freedom.

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