Summer Solar Surge Sweepstakes (Solar iPod Charger)

We’ve got a sweet summer sweepstakes to announce. Since it’s right in the middle of summer and the sun is shining bright, we’ve got an appropriate prize to give out from Novothink:

It’s the Surge Solar Charger for the iPod Touch. This solar charger is the world’s first Apple certified solar charger for the iPod Touch. It’s compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation iPod Touches. Powerup your iPod Touch using only the sun. The case allows full access to the touchscreen and a free Solar Planner App can be downloaded to estimate your solar needs based on you iPod touch usage. It has front LED power level indicators and allows access to the USB port so you can connect to your computer while the case is still on. Retail value is about $70 and we have a black colored one to give away.

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The rules:

  1. This sweepstakes will run now through Thursday August 12, 2010 10pm Eastern time.
  2. One entry per person (yes we can tell if you enter more than once).
  3. We will choose one winner at random from one of the comments below.
  4. This contest is open to residents of the US and Canada only.
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  9. Good luck!

Winner #13. Congrats!

136 thoughts on “Summer Solar Surge Sweepstakes (Solar iPod Charger)

  1. FIRST! (I think I’m just quicker with my RSS than the rest of you). 😉

    Be sure to leave your solar gadgets out tomorrow (Tuesday).

    Go read slashdot story titled “The Sun Unleashes Coronal Mass Ejection At Earth” posted August 02, @04:54PM for more details.

  2. Sweet! How cool is that….I just won a Apple Ipod this week..and I would love to win this too.

  3. Wow! What a wonderful idea. I am all for “going green” and this would be perfect!

  4. I’m an email subscriber and I would love to have one of these chargers for my iPod Touch

  5. I’m an email subscriber!
    What a super prize. Would love this for when I’m on the go. What a great gadget.

  6. It’s a good product no doubt having Eco-friendly conditions and also a good option for traveling. I do give my vote to this product.


  7. My ipod touch was pickpocketed from my husband, but I’m hoping if I win this it means we’ll be getting another 🙂 I bought that stupid thing when they were still $400! Ugh.

  8. I need this for my girlfriend in the worst way! She is getting better at charging her phone since I got her a car charger.. but this is.. unreal.

  9. OMG!
    THANKS NOVOTHINK & CRAZIEST GADGETS for the chance & winning a REAL spectacular CRAZY gadget!!

    It’s actually so crazy, that it’s not crazy to want to use!
    It’s very practical, if I may say so myself!!
    For someone who cannot afford solar panel(s) (which I would like sooo bad!! Not only for myself, for the WHOLE WORLD TO USE!!)
    This is just a great invention b/c you would not be sucking up any extra electricity!!!

    I LOVE being “green”, recycling & using up to date gadgets that could potentially make a difference in the KW’s used!!!! (lol it is KW’S right?)

    I’m ecstatic about this SOLAR ipod touch charger!!!!!!

    I’m happy to know that it’s Apple approved too!!

    I very much would love to win this!! I do want it :-)!! A black one too!! awesome!!

    Thanks so much too for the newsletter/e-mails, I thought I had already seen my share of crazy, but USEABLE products & gear!!! I thought wrong!! You show me very unique & exiting things, just about everyday, in my inbox!!

    BTW… LMAO!! LOVE THE SEAT SAVERS!!!! The ice cream one is classic!! Looks SOO REAL!!! I want to tell everyone I know about the seat savers! BUT, if I do, I can’t use em’!!! ahahaha!!

    Tata for now!!

  10. Very cool, but I’m already wearing solar-powered underwear… you will be hearing from my lawyer…. unless of course, i win. he he

  11. Wow, something that id definitely need, Gotta hate it when your away from an outlet and the battery dies

  12. This is just too cool and very usable. Thanks for the great giveaway! I am a subscriber via RSS.

  13. I am subscribed via email as jweezie43[at]gmail[dot]com.

    I love that with the Solar Surge all I need to charge my phone is the sun.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway.


  14. I suscribed! This would be fantastic for when my kids run down my battery from playing all the apps!

  15. This is so cool.. I travel a lot and dno’t always have access to my computer or an outlet!

  16. I’m already a subscriber…and woo hoo bring on the solar gadgets, I love alternative energy! It will be a little more difficult for me since I live in Washington but I’ll make it work!

  17. I’m never home enough to charge my iPod, and work outside all day, so this would be perfect.

  18. Hubby loves his iTouch almost as much as he loves us, so this would be a great gift to give him for his middle of September birthday.

  19. Sorry, please delete my first entry above.
    I am an RSS Subscriber – Google Reader.
    Not via Email.

    Time for bed!!!! LOL

  20. This is completely an amazing product having variety of features which enables its user to be in touch with every single information that is required in everyday life.

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