24ct Solid Gold iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 gets the full Stuart Hughes treatment, covered in 150 grams of 24ct gold. It will run you $33,622 (exactly- not a penny more, not a penny less) to buy this Trumpalicious iPhone but I bet you could make an even trade by melting down enough of Grandma’s jewelry for those cash for gold people on TV. No word on whether or not gold plating improves the “death grip” antenna signal problem or not (send me a review copy of this phone, I’ll let you know).

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6 thoughts on “24ct Solid Gold iPhone 4

  1. Brand New Apple iPhone 4 Black 32GB Factory Unlocked and Embellished in Pure 24K Gold. The bezel, volume, mute, power buttons and the back will be Gold Plated in 24k gold.

    You will receive with the iPhone a Certificate of Authenticity .

    The iphone is original Apple and is brand new boxed!!! All accessories in Box.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Box will be opened ONLY to gold plate the iPhone by our specialists. This is the perfect present for yourself or somebody that you love a lot! Stand out from the crowd with this Gold iPhone! Limited Stock!!

    iPhone 4 is available in 16GB and 32GB.

    Available in 24ct Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum.

    You can customise your iPhone 4 by using our engraving service

  2. Good for him but aparrently the titles wrong its gold plated not solid gold that’s worthless to me depending on how heavy the goldplating is even so I wouldn’t buy it cus its gold PLATED but that’s if u wanna be a asshole while 1 of 6 americans are starving but hey that’s for the selfish rich pricks to play around with (the iphone) its easier for the goverment to get acess through your phone cus apple let’s them go through your contact list, photos etc. Don’t trust the multi-million dollar corporations your just profit to them even the american goverment id rather live in germany or the dprk (North Korea) they’re economy is booming, obama is sxared to meet with russian president putin he scared od dieing being president of usa no wonder our economy in america is muffed. Sorry for being offtopic but hey I had to vent. Americans are getting soft and yes im white and full american id rather have George bush come back he wasn’t afraid to get shit done

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