iPod Supreme Rose Costs $95,000

Stuart Hughes has created yet another gold covered Apple product, this time it’s an iPod. This little beauty will set you back a mere $95,000. Dubbed the “SUPREME Rose”, this iPod features 263 grams of 18k rose gold, a platinum rear Apple logo with 53 diamonds and a platinum navigation button on the front with 4.5ct of diamonds surrounding it and a name that’s partly ALL CAPS. Only 10 will be made, so if you want them all maybe you should transfer $950,000 from savings to checking and pick up a few.

coated via geeky gadgets

2 thoughts on “iPod Supreme Rose Costs $95,000

  1. I wonder if there are any other Olde F*rts out there that think the display on that toy is a w3indow into a compartment full of 12AX7’s

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