The World’s Most Expensive TV Set

Stuart Hughes has just unveiled the world’s most expensive TV set called the Supreme Rose. It runs $2.26 million dollars. Now you’d probably think that for that kind of cash you’d be getting some massive sized television but no, you’re just getting a 55″ HD TV set that’s severely blinged out. How blinged is it? Why, I’m glad you asked.

The Supreme Rose has a frame made of solid 18ct rose gold. A LOT of gold. 28 kg of gold, which is… 61 pounds. But wait, that’s not all. there’s 72 round cut 1ct flawless diamonds on the frame too with the leftover space covered in sunstone and amethyst. The inside screen layer is hand sewn alligator skin. Only 3 are being made and I’m personally very shocked there’s not more of a demand and we don’t see this luxury TV for sale in Best Buy or the Buy More. The best part is that it matches perfectly with your $95,000 iPod.

via born rich