$2 Million Gold and Jeweled Monopoly Board

No this is not a peel off Monopoly game from your local McDonalds’s with a $2 million prize, this is the world’s most expensive Monopoly board. According to the Wall St. Journal, the board is made of solid 18k gold and all the famed properties on the board are gem-set for a total of 165 gemstones. And then there’s the dice; the set has 42 full cut diamonds in place of the dots and is worth $10,000 alone. Total estimated value of the set is about two million bucks (although at the rate gold is going up, it will be worth even more tomorrow). This blinged out Monopoly set will be on display for the next two years starting tomorrow at New York’s Museum of American Finance.

4 thoughts on “$2 Million Gold and Jeweled Monopoly Board

  1. For that much why is the money still printed on paper? The property cards….the box…..the rest of it doesn’t scream I’m rollin in dough which is what the makers intent appears to be.

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