Champ Sofa Turns Into a Punching Bag

Angry sports fans this is the couch for you! Sit on the Champ Sofa and watch your team lose in the final seconds AGAIN and you’re bound to become supremely frustrated. Frustrated enough to punch something. Well don’t take it out on the wall again, just get up off the couch and lift up the backrest like our lovely model demonstrates here:

And then blammo! Instant punching bag. Time to go nuckin’ futs on that bad boy. Before you start punching the punching bag, make sure to take a few minutes to stretch out your vocal chords and yell a few obscenities at the TV first. Ok, you’re now good to go. Start punching!

Kicking is also acceptable. Jumping and tackling it is probably not effective but flying drop kicks are great- just land on the couch. Your walls will thank you. German designer Tobias Fraenzel created this sofa design.

design boom via ohgizmo

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  1. Live in BELGIUM ,
    pse could anyone tell me where I could
    ORDER one ?


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