Eastpak Backpack Couch Has Lots of Pockets

Store tons of stuff in your couch with the Eastpak Sofa. It’s the backpack of couches. Sacrificing any shred of style, taste, sophistication, and perhaps dignity of the owner, this couch heavily favors the utilitarian side over looks.

However, who wouldn’t want to clear out all those various magazines, remotes, headphones, glasses, small pets, laptops, cords, and miscellaneous crap from around the couch and neatly stow them away in pockets? I count 15 pockets. Fortunately unless you live in France and feel like coughing up 2 grand you can’t buy this couch. Thank goodness. (via)

One thought on “Eastpak Backpack Couch Has Lots of Pockets

  1. Wow, this backpack couch is really something. I know it’s crazy but I’m hell bent on buying this. It’s a good novelty item with great uses for me. A good buy for my friends and family. Thanks for posting this article. 😀

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