Punching Bag Keyboard Lets You Type Out a Workout

punching bag keyboard
If you ever wanted to just angrily slam your keyboard keys as you type out an email out of frustration, just stop. No need to ruin your valuable electronics when you can literally punch out an email with the N°41 Workout Computer from German design firm Bless. Each punching bag is a different letter of the alphabet, all connected to a single computer. Just punch the bags one at a time to type. You can see it demonstrated in this video (which I find a bit surrealist or maybe avant garde):

I was really hoping to see one of them just do a quick left right left right left right combo to type out LOLOLOLOL. It’s not entirely clear how they came up with the layout, maybe they could do a QWERTY punching bag array for the next time? This is definitely a good way to get your frustrations out, get a workout, and get some work done all at the same time. (via)