Jersey Shore Your Couch with LED Lights

colico lighted sofa
If you’re following Snookie and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew on MTV, you know exactly what the “situation” is. Well here’s another situation- you love the look of those ground effect blue LED lights underneath your car as you cruise up and down Ocean Ave and of course so does the classy lady with the big hair you picked up for the night. Now here’s the problem- when you get back to your pad, it doesn’t compare to your pimpin’ ride and your date is bound to be bored by your decor.

A legit situation if there ever was one. The solution: a couch with integrated color changing LED lights underneath. The Asami Light LED lighted sofa is made Italian company Calico and the lights are controlled by remote. Oh yeah baby! Shove the subwoofer under there and get ready for some fist pumping heavy bass gelled hair on Snookems action. Don’t worry, you can tell your girlfriend at home that you were just dancing to house music, you know how it is down at the Jersey Shore.


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