Use an Online Punching Bag to Create a Custom Lamp

The Cassius Lamp might be the coolest idea for a lamp ever conceived. You go to the designer’s website, and use the online virtual punching bag to punch a shape out. You can virtually rotate the punching bag to see all sides. Then the company will use 3D cutting materials to actually create a lamp in the exact shape you punched out online. The lampshade is made of a printed polyamide with a stainless steel lamp base. The cost to be your own lamp designer: about $3000… although it’s free (and fun) to just play around with the virtual punching bag/lamp design thing. So freakin’ cool.

thanks Josh!

2 thoughts on “Use an Online Punching Bag to Create a Custom Lamp

  1. hi,

    thank you very much for your props! We know that CASSSIUS costs more than a fistful of dollars at the moment. (We already work hard on lowering costs for production…)

    $3000 is a bit too high indeed. Cassius can be purchased at about $2500

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