And Here’s the World’s First Blinged Out iPad

The Apple iPad isn’t even released to the public yet but that’s not stopping Mervis Diamond Importers from offering up a blinged out diamond covered iPad for pre-order now. There’s 11.43 carats of diamonds, hand-set in a micro-pave styling on that gadget. It’s not clear if they sprung for the higher priced 3G model or not.

I’m just glad it’s covered in diamonds and not the ubiquitously tacky Swarovski crystals. It will cost you only $19,999 to buy and yes by charging $19,999 and not $20,000 it does somehow seem more affordable. I’m buying at least 2 of them when they are released June 1.

I promise you this, readers, in writing right here: if I am the sole winner of Powerball or Megamillions between now and June 1st, I will invite 50 readers at random to a theater and go all out to become the Oprah of gadgets, giving away a diamond iPad to all 50. “Look under your seats people… you get a diamond iPad, you get a diamond iPad, and you get a diamond iPad”. The Oprah of gadgetry.

via crunchgear

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