New Tokyoflash Watch: Kisai Rogue SR2

Tokyoflash has just introduced another really cool stylish watch called the Kisai Rogue SR2. This stainless steel case and strap watch has your choice of blue, green, red or orange LCD background with a matching bright LED backlight of that color that can be turned on by pressing the button. Tokyoflash watches usually have a unique way of telling time and this one is no different:

The hours are represented by the gap in the inner ring just like a clock face and the minutes by the gap in the thick outer ring. Since the minute ring has such a large gap (about 5 minutes worth)- the outermost thin ring is used to get the exact minutes if you need them. It’s actually super simple to see even at a glance once you know the trick. The watches are water resistant, have an alarm, 1 year warranty and ship free worldwide. They sell for $179 in limited editions.

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