Changing Lanes Watch from Tokyoflash

Our favorite cool watchmaker Tokyoflash released a new watch today called “Changing Lanes“. The watch is reminiscent of an overhead view of a busy city street or a bit like a subway map. Just like a real city, this watch’s lights come on at night. Every night between 6pm and midnight, the LEDs light up and animate once every 15 minutes. No need to worry about changing the battery, it’s USB rechargeable- just plug it in (it will last for a month per charge- more if you turn the animations off). As for actually telling time: every time I try to explain these, it comes out more confusing than the manufacturer’s description, so just head to the Tokyoflash website if you want to know- it’s not that difficult once you know the trick. Changing Lanes is available for $169 (free shipping) from Tokyoflash.