Tokyoflash’s Optical Illusion Watch

Tokyoflash, in an effort to drive us all just a little bit crazier, has released the Kisai Optical Illusion LCD Watch. If you’ve ever seen those “magic eye” pictures that look like a bunch of wavy lines unless you stare really hard and unfocus your eyes just a bit to see the hidden picture- that’s exactly what this watch is. The cool part is that it’s totally digital, so it changes every minute. The video below shows how it works:

There’s an option to just press the button to see the “hidden” time, as well as animation modes to alternate between optical illusion and reality. The color LCD screen is always-on to show the time and you can backlight it and access date and other features with a swipe of the touchscreen display. This limited edition watch was designed by a fan of Tokyoflash and it took their engineers over a year to develop the custom made LCD panel, which has over 1500 segments. Really eye-catching and unique watch.

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