Rogue Touch: A Touchscreen LED/LCD Watch

Tokyoflash has just released a very unique watch, the Rogue Touch. What makes this watch interesting is the touchscreen interface which is a LED/LCD hybrid. Sure you’ve seen touchscreens on things like smartphones and ATM’s but on a watch? This allows for a completely round style without any buttons on the case! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a non-basic watch without buttons.

Because the screen is both LED and LCD, it’s on all the time. You touch it to turn the backlit LED on. The watch has a screen lock much like an iPhone where you swipe to unlock to avoid accidental touches. The watch’s date and other functions are accessed via touch. Watch this video for more details and to see how this seemingly complex way of showing the time is actually quite simple to read:

They’re definitely on to something here; this watch looks and has features that seem futuristic right now. The watch almost doesn’t even look like a watch at all (a plus in my book). It comes in your choice of four colors: blue, green, red and natural.

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