Disco Planet Double Disco Ball Light

disco planet ball
One disco ball is fun but what about two stacked disco balls? Double your pleasure, double your fun. The LumiSource Disco Planet Light gets your party started right, gets your party started quickly. Crank up the club bangers and get that Jersey Shore fist pump going cause it’s party time all up in this hizzouse. This 9 inch tall party in a box is surrounded by rings of LED lights to give you that full double disco ball effect that’ll make all the ladies want to ride on your disco stick. Party on.

One thought on “Disco Planet Double Disco Ball Light

  1. this device rocks and its sitting on my nightstand right now and the first
    time my adopted cat saw it she went crazy!

    ahahahaha ive always loved disco balls and have two hanging from my roof one
    big one small and this is just awesome cause it really lights up a room and
    its not heavy at all and its really neat looking too!

    the only flaw is the annoying noise it makes but oh well!

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