Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Watch

flux capacitor watch
You don’t need to be Huey Lewis to be singing about going back in time. You don’t even need to be The News. You just need to be wearing this Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Watch. Modeled after Doc Brown’s flux capacitor, this watch takes it out of the DeLorean and puts it on your wrist. It’s made of stainless steel, just like a DeLorean. Unlike a DeLorean it won’t time travel if you hit 88mph. It does have a “time travel” mode though.
back to the future watch
Press the button to activate “time travel” mode and the watch goes haywire, the Flux Capacitor starts fluxing, and the time circuit displays a random date. We’re pretty sure you’ll still be in the present time but check your surroundings just in case you’ve gone back to your parents’ prom or something. Otherwise the bottom just shows the current boring date.

If you actually did want to use this watch to tell time (and that’s kind of the point of watches, right?) you need to do some counting- press the button and the Flux lights up 3 times, with the number of lights for the hours, then minutes by 10 then single minutes. So for 9:38 it will light up 9 lights, 3 lights, then 8 lights, then repeat. Math was never Marty McFly’s strong suit anyway.