Woww! It’s Jersey Shore Talking Bobbleheads! Snooki, The Situtation, Pauly D

O…M…G. Keep it Jersey fresh and get your summer fist pumping with Jersey Shore bobbleheads! The six inch tall talking figures are available for pre-order now for July delivery in one of three popular Jersey Shore star’s likeness. Above is Mike “The Situation”, pointing at “The Situation”, and he gets you pumped up for another day of gym, tan, laundry (that’s how they make the guidos). Or perhaps your style is more of the Snookness herself:

Nicole “Snooki” also speaks one of three classic Snickers phrases: “Pickles is my thing.”, “The Snooks…is out.”, “I’m not trashy…unless I drink too much.” And of course the bobblehead is anatomically correct (we’re referring to the hair btw, it’s got the poof down pat). But to really get this fist pumping party started, you’re gonna need some music. House music from DJ Pauly D!

Pauly D says the classic one liners you love him for: “You gotta stay fresh-to-death; I call it…fresh outfit, fresh haircut, fresh tan, just stay fresh.” “Nooo way I’m goin’ to Jersey without my hair gel; can’t leave without my gel.” “The party’s in Pauly D’s pants tonight.” Pauly D’s got the fly haircut too. If you can’t make it to the Jersey Shore this summer, you can bring a small, pumped up, drunk, ready for a fight, piece to your desk. $12.99 each.

Jersey Shore Nicole “Snooki” Talking Bobble Head

Jersey Shore DJ Pauly D Talking Bobble Head

Jersey Shore Mike “The Situation” Talking Bobble Head