Backpack Downhilling Scooter Folds into It’s Own Onboard Traveling Pack

The Bergmönch backpack scooter is the ultimate downhill vehicle. Technically it’s a scooter since it has no pedals. The Bergmoench is designed to fold up into it’s included backpack. You can then easily carry the scooter up the steepest terrain on your back. Much better than trying to ride a bicycle uphill!
backpack bike
When you reach the top, you unfold the scooter and either stand or kneel while riding it all the back down the slope. For bumpy terrain you can stand on pegs near the rear wheels and let your legs absorb some of the shock, while for smoother terrain you can kneel comfortably on the pack. It’s designed for the roughest terrain with aluminum frame, full suspension, triple-hardened tubes, adjustable air shocks and disc brakes. You can store extra stuff in the pockets of the pack too. It sells for € 1,499 or around $2300.

via red ferret

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  1. Very good design backpack for the bike, however, it would be perfect to have the water reservoir in the backpack, so also could call the backpack as the bike hydration pack.

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