Antique Car Mobility Scooter

Cruise around in style with the Mobility Roadster, the mobility scooter that is outfitted like classic car from the 1920’s. Most mobility scooters look like a medical device from a hospital but this one has actual style that you’d want to show off.

But more than just looking great, it’s also highly functional. It has a pair of 12v batteries powering a 950 watt electric motor. You can hit up to 10 mph and get a smooth ride with independent suspension. There’s side mirrors (just like a real car!) to see what’s behind you- don’t forget to check your blind spot. It has LED headlights and taillights for visibility in the evenings.

This old car mobility scooter is also built for comfort with a padded captain’s seat, armrests, and contoured headrest. There’s storage under the “hood” and a working bulb horn (it looks like it just honks and doesn’t make that old car “ahooga” sound, ahh shucks). Charges in 8 hours, which gives you enough juice to ride 35 miles. Available in any color you want, as long as it’s red (or black, also available in black).