Massaging Backpack

Carrying a heavy backpack can cause your back to get a little sore. But what if I told you that by carrying an even heavier backpack than normal, you could alleviate some of that pain? Because if you add a massager to backpack that’s exactly what happens. The Back Massaging Backpack has a pair of built-in vibrating massagers at the shoulders and lower back to relieve any muscle ache. Look at this guy, does he look like he’s in pain? Not counting the pain of having to model for a backpack and pretend to be interested in some map on his phone that he forgot to charge before leaving the house instead of posing on the beach with bikini models, of course.

The backpack has a whopping 5,000 mAh battery to not only power the massagers but to charge your phone or other devices. Since it’s a backpack it can also hold stuff in the the compartment, like every other backpack ever made and ever will be made. And it goes on your back. It’s like a pack for your back. Hence the name. You can get five hours of massage off one battery charge, which sounds like a lot at once, maybe at that point go see a doctor or something. Anyway cool pack.