Parahawking: Parachuting with a Pair of Hawks on Your Arms

Man has always desired to fly with the birds and now you can literally do just that. According to the SFGate, if you visit Nepal and pay the well-worth-it fee of $150, you can tandem paraglide with an Egyptian vulture in an extreme adventure sport run by Scott Mason. The bird or prey stays on the Mason, the falconer’s arm during liftoff. In mid-air, the bird is released and it acts like a guide, leading the parachute to thermals- spots where the warm uplifting currents are.
A few times during mid-flight, the falconer will use his whistle to call the bird back to his arm. This is my new favorite sport- parahawking! Let’s get it in the Olympics. Heck yeah we got some video:

via the mighty gizmodo