Skittles Sorting Machine

Taste the rainbow…one color at a time. Does the world need a Skittles sorting machine? Yes we do. We do, for no other reason than to comply with aging rock stars’ bizarre backstage requests. Mechatronic built this important invention that sorts Skittles or M&M’s by color using a BASIC Stamp 2 written in PBASIC code. Watch this video to see it in action, sorting the colorful candies into separate bowls by color:

It can sort at a rate of 37 Skittles per minute (37 SPM). A color sensor detects red, green, and blue hues, then sends that value to the controller to determine which bin the servo motor should move the candy to. Things got tricky when you factor in the white “S” on top of each one. But they worked around it (thank goodness). Now if only they could make one that sorts out all the M&M’s from trail mix, or all the macadamia nuts from a nut mix (why do they always skimp on the macadamias?) (via hacked gadgets)