Fake Edible Panda Japanese Dorayaki Pancake USB Flash Drive

Here’s another very strange USB flash drive from Japan. This cute panda flash drive is made to resemble a dorayaki which is a Japanese food which is sort of like a pair of spongecake-like pancakes surrounding a filling of sweet red bean paste. Sort of like a jelly donut I guess? I’ve never had one.

Apparently the panda is a popular and common shape for dorayaki. What’s interesting about this drive is the level of detail that went into it- when you pop the head off (YES! my favorite method of accessing data from animal shaped flash drives! YES!) you will notice the highly detailed interior of the cake showing the bean filling.
I know that personally I ALWAYS demand extreme realism for the interior of my food/animal shaped data storage devices and you should accept nothing less either. I’m definitely going to have to be on the lookout for dorayaki at my local Japanese shops, it sounds delicious.

(usb zone)