Birdcage Backpacks Lets You Take Your Birds for a Walk

birdcage backpack
I know exactly why the caged bird sings- it’s because he wants to go for a walk with you, right? The Pak o Bird is a rugged looking backpack to take your bird out with you. The pack comes in one of three sizes depending upon the size of your fine feathered friend. It’s definitely slicker than strapping some shoulder straps onto your existing metal birdcage!

But does a bird really want to go for a walk? Well it would if you bought additional accessories to the $129 backpack like a tray liner or “poop off wipes” (I don’t even want to know what that’s for, really). The bird does travel in style though, as the birdcage has an included privacy curtain, dragonwood perch, and adjustable food cup. The mesh exterior is see-through yet reasonable chew-proof so your bird won’t escape. Is this backpack birdcage for the birds or the birdbrained? I’m not sure.

via inventorspot

6 thoughts on “Birdcage Backpacks Lets You Take Your Birds for a Walk

  1. My bird loves his and loves going for a walk with me while he is in it. He also loves going around the house with me while I do housework. Having two German Shepards and two cats my parrot is safe while being included.

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